Monday, February 2, 2009

Furries and the CFF


o-o… Hi. You don’t know me, but for introduction purposes, just call me Kail.

I’m uhm… actually I’m an ex-therianthrope (wolf, go figure). I stopped when I was 17, but technically that was only a couple of months ago (in May). I still look at furries from time to time for personal entertainment I guess. I’m a little worried though… because well, one of the main reasons why I stopped is because God created me as me, not as a wolf… so it was wrong to try an turn into one. Not to jump onto anyone, but didn’t God also create man in his own image? In this… perhaps the ideal of being a furry is improper. God made us just the way he wanted, and (biblically speaking) He doesn’t look upon trying to escape our original design lightly, in mind or body…

*Shrug* I dunno. I mean, I picture a lot of furry-stuff in my mind from time to time, usually transformation sequences (I was a therian for 5 years. The idea kinda stuck with me.)

So, sir, if you could help me figure things out with secure, unbreakable biblical evidence, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

In Christ,


P.S. Please pray that I find a sturdy answer. -_-;;

This is an e-mail I sent to DracoDei in December, the 19th. It was still in my sent items folder...

I had my doubts about you guys, I really did. Big doubts. I thought you guys were totally nuts at first...

...and then I met you all.

You all have proven me wrong and destroyed the typical furry stereotype, and moreover, helped me grow in Christ in great extents. I don't find myself crying in contriteness anymore, so much as I find myself blessed and happy as I see God's blessings unfold.

You all have proven to me that growth in Christ IS possible, that in Him I can truly be strong... it's a miracle of the Lord that I found you all, and I don't care what anyone says against that.

I can hear Him say... It's a brand new day.